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-===== Playing Sounds ===== 
-Most sounds will be played automatically by the TCB at the appropriate moment - for example, if you trigger the Cannon Fire function, the cannon fire sound will play automatically,​ and if your vehicle is moving the engine sounds will play, etc. There are however some settings you can adjust in OP Config - the frequency of the squeak sounds, and a few others. See the [[wiki:​opconfig:​tabs:​sounds|Sounds tab]] in OP Config for more.  
-The optional User Sounds will only play if you assign a [[wiki:​tcb:​operation:​functions|Trigger]] to them. They can be triggered to play once, or repeat until a second trigger turns them off. You can also assign triggers to functions that will let you increase or decrease the volume from a 3-position switch on your transmitter. See the [[wiki:​tcb:​operation:​functionlist#​sounds|Functions reference page]] for more details. ​ 
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