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-===== Playing Sounds ===== 
-Most sounds will be played automatically by the TCB at the appropriate moment - for example, if you trigger the Cannon Fire function, the cannon fire sound will play automatically, and if your vehicle is moving the engine sounds will play, etc. There are however some settings you can adjust in OP Config - the frequency of the squeak sounds, and a few others. See the [[wiki:opconfig:tabs:sounds|Sounds tab]] in OP Config for more.  
-The optional User Sounds will only play if you assign a [[wiki:tcb:operation:functions|Trigger]] to them. They can be triggered to play once, or repeat until a second trigger turns them off. You can also assign triggers to functions that will let you increase or decrease the volume from a 3-position switch on your transmitter. See the [[wiki:tcb:operation:functionlist#sounds|Functions reference page]] for more details.  
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