Special Menus

Dipswitch settings to select Special Menus The vast majority of settings on the TCB can be adjusted using the convenient Windows software called OP Config, which you can download here and has its own entire section in the Wiki. However some settings must be adjusted directly from the TCB board itself, such as the model's weight class for IR battle.

There are also four “special menus” to accomplish specific tasks. The positions of dipswitches 3 & 4 select the specific menu. To enter the selected menu, press and hold the Input button on the TCB for 2 seconds. After performing whatever actions are required within the menu, press the Input button again briefly to exit. Performing the menus while connected to OP Config in Snoop mode will give you further information on the actions taken within the menu. See below for details about each.

Barrel Elevation Servo Setup

As with all primary functions on the tank, you have multiple options for controlling the barrel elevation movement, but one of them is to use a servo - by selecting either RC Output or Servo - Pan Effect for the barrel elevation motor type on the Motors tab of OP Config. If you do use a servo, you may wish to adjust its endpoints or reversing. Although you could adjust these things from your radio transmitter, it may not work very well because the TCB can also gives you the option of using the turret stick as a function trigger. Instead, you can use the Barrel Elevation Servo Setup menu to adjust the end-points easily and quickly straight from the TCB. Be sure to read the Barrel Elevation Servo page for complete details.

Recoil Servo Setup

The TCB is compatible with mechanical recoil units such as those made by Tamiya or Heng-Long/Taigen, but you also have the option of using a servo for the recoil effect. Because the recoil servo is not directly associated with a specific channel on your transmitter but is instead an effect created entirely in software, it is not possible to adjust the recoil servo's end-points or reversing from your transmitter. Instead you should use the Recoil Servo Setup menu to adjust the end-points and reversing. Note there are also several other settings related to the recoil servo that you can modify in the OP Config program. See the Servo Recoil page for all the details.

Turret Rotation Servo Setup

Setup for the turret rotation servo is the same as with the barrel elevation servo, see the video above for an example.

Most people will not use a servo for the turret rotation, but a pan servo may make sense for “casemate” or turret-less tanks such as the Jagdpanther, Jagdtiger, etc… that have a very limited range of barrel traverse.

Steering Servo Setup

End-point adjustment for the steering servo is the same as with the barrel elevation servo, see the video above for an example. This menu will only be available if you vehicle type is Car or Halftrack. Depending on what other selections you have made, your steering servo may need to be attached to RC Output 2 or RC Output 4. OP Config will specify the output when you make your motor selections.

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