Reading and Writing Settings on the TCB

Read/Write Buttons

While connected, you can read settings from the TCB using the button with the green arrow pointing down, or you can write settings to the TCB by using the button with the blue arrow pointing up. While reading or writing the Progress Bar will indicate progress, and when complete, the Info Area will let you know if the operation was successful.

When you first open the OP Config program all the settings you see are initialized to some default values. These probably will not match the settings on your TCB. For that reason, if you just want to modify a few settings on the TCB, it is a good idea to read them into the OP Config program first, then modify them, and only then write them back to the device. Whenever you write settings to the TCB any previous settings on the device are completely over-written. This includes all radio setup information and even some settings you can't see in OP Config but which are stored in the background.

So again, it is always a good idea to read in all settings from the TCB first, then make changes in OP Config, and only then write the settings back to the TCB.

If the Progress Bar halts midway through the operation, and after five or ten seconds has still not resumed, an error has occurred and the operation is not going to complete. In that case, click the Disconnect button. Then re-connect to the TCB and try again.

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