Onboard Motor Driver A & B

The TCB can drive two motors directly using the MOTOR A & B outputs. This option will be listed as “Built-in Driver” in the OP Config program. Each output can source 2 amps max. This is not powerful enough to use them for the main drive motors in a 1/16th scale tank! But they are more than adequate to run turret rotation and barrel elevation motors.

If you can fit the TCB into a 1/24 scale model these outputs would be sufficient for the main drive motors.

If either of these outputs are not being used for primary functions (drive or turret) they will be made available as generic motor controllers that you can use for any purpose with the Motor A & B Manual Control functions.

The Motor A & B outputs run at 31kHz frequency, which is ultrasonic. In other words, no annoying motor whine. They have 256 steps resolution in each direction.

If your motor turns in the opposite direction that you want, simply swap the position of the two motor wires in the TCB screw terminal.

Tamiya turret motors driven directly by the TCB

Sample installation of Tamiya turret motors

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