Powering the TCB

The TCB accepts any DC voltage from 7-15 volts. That means common 6,7 & 8 cell NiCad/NiMH batteries, 2S or 3S LiPo batteries, and even 12v lead acid batteries will all work.

Note that whatever voltage you supply, will be the same voltage fed to the Onboard Motor Drivers A & B outputs, the Smoker output, the mechanical recoil/airsoft output, and the IR transmitter LED output! So make sure the devices you plug into these outputs can handle your battery's voltage. All the other outputs - RC/servo outputs, General Purpose I/O, Apple, high intensity Flash, all the light outputs and the Aux output, and obviously the I2C and serial ports, will be fed with regulated 5 volts. The TCB can source up to 3 amps on all 5 volt outputs combined. 

Because the TCB typically requires the use of some sort of external speed control, perhaps the easiest way to provide power to the board is to create a Y-cable from the speed control power cable. See below for an example.

Power cable for TCB and Sabertooth

Example of Y-cable battery harness to provide power to the TCB and to
a Dimension Engineering Sabertooth dual-motor serial controller.

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