Taigen/Heng-Long smokers are direct plug-and-play into the SMOKER port on the TCB. Polarity is marked for custom projects, but doesn't matter for the Heng-Long and Taigen units. You do not need the special Heng-Long “proportional” smoker since the TCB takes care of the proportional movement, however the proportional unit can still be used.

For people wanting to create their own smokers, the SMOKER output supplies battery voltage at up to 3 Amps (the maximum current rating of the JST-XH connector, the MOSFET can actually handle more). PWM is unidirectional at 31kHz (ultrasonic).

You also have the option of controlling the smoker fan and heating element separately by selecting the Separate smoker type on the Motors tab of OP Config. Under this arrangement the fan needs to be plugged into the AUX output which the TCB will reserve for its use. The AUX output can only provide 5 volts so you should try to select a fan that will run at that level. The heating element will then be connected to the SMOKER output since it can handle more current (and it will obviously be driven at full battery voltage).

On the Motors tab of OP Config you can specify the smoker's idle speed, fast idle speed (speed with transmission disengaged), and max speed, and if you are using separate heat and fan outputs you can control these levels individually and you will also be given the option to automatically pre-heat the heating element for a user-defined length of time before the engine starts. You can even “disconnect” the smoker output from the engine effect, and re-purpose it as an electronic switch or unidirectional electronic speed control using the Smoker functions.

Taigen Smoker

Taigen smoker attached to the TCB

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