Taigen Sound Cards

Taigen announced in 2017 plans to release a new version of their MFU with standalone sound boards. To use these with the TCB select Taigen Sound Cards from the drop-down list on the Sounds tab of OP Config. You will also need to make a simple adapter cable. On the TCB side you need a standard 3-pin servo plug and on the Taigen side you need a 4-pin JST PH plug. Connect this cable to the Prop 1 output on the TCB. The +5v signal from the TCB (middle pin on the servo connector) will actually need to be attached to two pins on the Taigen card. See the diagram below:

Open Panzer TCB connected to a Taigen Sound Card

Connection from TCB to Taigen sound board

The following sounds have been identified on the Taigen sound card:

  • Engine start and stop sounds
  • Engine idle and up to 6 forward speed sounds
  • Barrel elevation
  • Turret rotation
  • Cannon fire
  • Machine gun fire
  • Cannon hit
  • Vehicle detroyed

Note: The Taigen sound card will not play the cannon, machine gun, or turret sounds unless the engine is also running.

This video from Taigen illustrates functionality with an early prototype:

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