1. I am getting errors when I install / try to update OP Config

    1. The most frequent cause is an antivirus, anti-malware or firewall program blocking the install. The error message may not make this clear but please try turning off any such programs first and then trying to install. See this thread for more information: Installing OP Config error.

  2. My monitor resolution is too small, I can't see all of OP Config on the screen!

    1. Please see this thread in the forum for a discussion of this issue.

  3. I can't get OP Config to connect to the TCB!

    1. Make sure you installed the correct USB drivers.

    2. Make sure Dipswitch #5 is in the correct position for the method you are using to connect. Set Dipswtich #5 to On if you are connecting with a USB cable. Set it to Off if you are trying to connect over the Serial 1 port (for example, with a Bluetooth adapter).

    3. Make sure the Baud Rate in OP Config is set correctly. For USB connections it should always be 115,200. That is usually also the best rate for Bluetooth as well, unless you specifically changed it on the Misc tab for some reason.

    4. Make sure you don't have any other programs connected to the TCB, for example the Arduino IDE. Sometimes if you did have another program connected (such as the Arduino IDE), even if you close that Windows will still think the COM port is taken. Close OP Config, unplug the TCB, then plug the TCB back in. Then re-open OP Config and try connecting again.

    5. As a workaround, some users have found they can create a connection by first going to the Firmware tab of OP Config and clicking the Snoop button. If a Snoop connection is successful you will see a notification to that effect at the bottom of the window, and the TCB will spit out some information in the console window. It may be a lot of information if the radio receiver is connected/detected. The Snoop connection only listens to the TCB, it doesn't talk. But if that part works, you are already halfway to a full connection. With the Snoop connection active, now try to click the Connect button and the full communication connection should be made.

  4. I fire the cannon but I see no recoil/Airsoft/flash?

    1. Is the Fight/Repair switch on the TCB set to Repair? If so, there is no recoil or Airsoft action and the flash unit also isn't triggered.

    2. Also make sure you haven't disconnected these actions from the Cannon Fire function. On the Motors tab of OP Config make sure Mechanical Barrel and Recoil Servo are set to Trigger with Cannon. On the Lights & I/O tab make sure the High Intensity Flash Unit is set to Trigger with Cannon

  5. When I fire the cannon, IR is sent and debug says cannon was fired, but I get no sound, flash or servo recoil!

    1. This often happens when you leave the Mechanical Barrel type set to Airsoft even though you aren't using an airsoft unit. This is easy to do since Airsoft is the default selection. Airsoft units sends a trigger back to the TCB to let it know when to start the special effects such as light and sound. If no airsoft unit is plugged in, the signal will never arrive and those effects will never occur. If you are not using an airsoft unit, be sure to set your Mechanical Barrel type to Mechanical Recoil or if you aren't using one of those either (for example you might be using servo recoil), un-check the Trigger with Cannon option under Mechanical Barrel to simply disable the mechanical barrel entirely. These options are found on the Motors tab of OP Config.

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