TCB Quick Start Guide

  1. Install USB Drivers: The TCB requires genuine FTDI drivers which are available free from FTDI. See the USB Drivers page for a complete walkthrough on installing the drivers.

  2. Install OP Config: Download the Windows installer file from the Downloads page, then install. If you already have OP Config installed, it's always a good idea to update it to the latest version (within OP Config go to the Help menu and select "Check for Updates").

  3. Test: Plug the TCB into your computer using a standard Micro-B USB cable, make sure Dipswitch #5 on the TCB is in the On position (this specifies communication over USB) and you should be able to connect with OP Config.

  4. Flash the Latest Firmware: Your TCB board will come with firmware already installed, but it's always a good idea to use the latest release. In OP Config go to the Firmware tab, click "Get Latest Release", and then "Flash" to your TCB.

  5. Install the TCB in your Tank: the TCB will require at a minimum a few other items to be useful:

    1. A hobby radio and a receiver capable of outputting a PPM, SBus, or iBus signal. There are lots to choose from! See the Receiver page for more info on receiver types, and check out our Radio Guide for tips on choosing a good receiver for your existing radio, or some recommendations for a new radio if you are looking to upgrade.

    2. Speed controllers for the main drive motors. You are free to use any pair of RC hobby speed controllers but for convenience we prefer dual-motor serial controllers that combine two ESCs onto a single board and are controlled via serial. We have our own-design Scout ESC but the TCB is also compatible with the Dimension Engineering Sabertooth and Pololu Qik controllers. Read more about motor control options here.

    3. If your tank is 1/16th scale or smaller you can control the turret rotation and barrel elevation motors directly from the TCB. Of course here again you have many other options as well, including servos if you prefer.

  6. Radio Setup: One of the first things you should do after you connect your receiver to the TCB is run through the Radio Setup routine in OP Config. This lets the TCB know what kind of radio you have, how many channels and of what type each channel is. Here is a helpful page on this procedure including a how-to video. When you are done with the setup, you may wish to save an .OPZ file to your computer with your settings so you don't have to run through it again.

  7. Start Tanking! That will get you moving but there's no end to the other things the TCB will let you do. Browse through the rest of the wiki to learn more.

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