Open Source Lights (OSL)

The OSL project is an Arduino-compatible RC light controller for use in cars and trucks. It can control up to 8 light outputs (multiple LEDs are possible on each output) and accepts up to three channels of control (throttle, steering, and an extra switch of up to 5 positions).

Each light responds to various States: forward, reverse, stopped, stopped after delay, accelerating, decelerating, braking, right turn, left turn, no turn, and any of up to 5 positions for the channel 3 switch if attached.

For each light in each State you can define the Setting you want it to be: On, Off, Xenon-on effect, Fade off or Fade on effect, Blink, Soft Blink, Fast Blink, Backfire effect, or Dim.

A collection of all Settings for all States for each light is called a Scheme and you can have as many Schemes as you like and can switch between them from your controller using nothing but the steering channel. There are also many adjustments the user can make to tailor the operation to his own preference.

Use of the project requires you to compile the Arduino code in the Arduino IDE, but it is not hard to do and this is a good introduction to the Arduino world. We also have an Excel file you can download that will automatically update the Arduino code if you are not comfortable doing it yourself.

In terms of hardware, there are several board designs available, or it can even be run on off-the-shelf Arduino boards such as the Nano with a few extra components.

There is a lengthy thread on RCGroups about this project that has been active for over 10 years!

See the other sections in this wiki for more:

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