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-~~META: +start
-title     = INTRO +
-~~ +
-~~NOTOC~~ +
- +
-====== OPEN PANZER Wiki ====== +
-Here you will find everything you need to know about Open Panzer products:  +
-  * **TCB** (Tank Control Board) -- a highly capable circuit board designed specifically for RC model tanks, but also suitable for halftracks, cars, and other RC models and robotics. It is available ​ for [[https://​hobbyking.com/​en_us/​catalog/​product/​view/​id/​63061/​s/​rc-tank-openpanzer-control-board|purchase through HobbyKing]]. ​  +
-  * **OP Config** -- the unusual name we have given to the free software that runs in Windows (sorry, no Mac/Unix at this time) and is used to configure the many options on the TCB and simplify firmware updates. To run OP Config you will need a Windows computer and a screen with a vertical resolution of at least 800 pixels.  +
- +
-Two other products, the [[wiki:​scout:​start|Scout ESC]] and the [[https://​github.com/​OpenPanzerProject/​OP-Sound|Open Panzer Sound Card]], are still in development and/or not yet available for purchase, but we still have complete documentation for them.  +
-=====Navigating the Wiki==== +
-This Wiki is divided into sections:  +
-  * **[[wiki:​tcb:​operation:​start|TCB Operation]]** - a high-level overview of some basic concepts, like how to drive, IR battle, what are Functions and Triggers, etc... +
-  * **[[wiki:​tcb:​tcbinstall:​start|TCB Installation]]** - In this section we devote a full page to every possible device the TCB can control or that you might want to install in your tank: from airsoft, mechanical or servo recoil, smokers, sound units, IR, flash units, lights and more lights, Bluetooth, you name it! The TCB can control a lot of stuff.  +
-  * **[[wiki:​opconfig:​gs:​start|OP Config Introduction]]** - An introduction to the OP Config program and how to use it to connect to the TCB.  +
-  * **[[wiki:​opconfig:​tabs:​start|OP Config Tab Reference]]** - Each page or "​tab"​ in OP Config has its own section in the wiki that describes every setting.  +
- +
- +
-=====Need More Info?​===== +
-  * List of [[http://​openpanzer.org/​forum/​index.php?​topic=43|Frequently Asked Questions]]. +
-  * Check out our [[https://​www.youtube.com/​channel/​UCNtlAi8etFvQ6XQjclXq4RA|YouTube Channel]] for informative videos +
-  * Consider joining the [[http://​openpanzer.org/​forum/​index.php?​action=forum|Open Panzer online community]] +
-  * See the [[wiki:​tcb:​operation:​troubleshooting|Troubleshooting]] page for solutions to common issues +
-  * Want to see the source code? Check out our [[https://​github.com/​OpenPanzerProject|GitHub repository]] +
-  * Want to build your own from scratch? See the [[http://​openpanzer.org/​downloads|Downloads page]] for schematics, Eagle files, bill of materials and more.  +
- +
- +
-\\ +
-\\ +
-\\ +
-{{ wiki:​tcb_intro.jpg?​direct&​600 |The TCB}} +
-<​html><​center></​html>//​The TCB//<​html></​center></​html>​ +
-\\ +
-\\ +
-{{ wiki:​op_config_battle.png?​direct&​600 |OP Config}} +
-<​html><​center></​html>//​Screenshot from the OP Config program//<​html></​center></​html>​+
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