Servo Recoil

RC Ouput #5 on the TCB is reserved for servo recoil. You can choose to have the servo recoil automatically whenever the Cannon Fire function is triggered, or you can trigger it manually with the Servo Recoil function. You can also set the speed of the recoil movement – for all these options, see the Motors tab in OP Config.

Because the recoil servo is not directly associated with any specific channel on your transmitter, you can't adjust the servo end-points or reversing using settings in your transmitter. Instead we've created a special menu accessed directly from the TCB that lets you adjust the end-points and reversing by using the sticks of your transmitter. Be sure to run through Radio Setup first though so the TCB can correctly identify your transmitter's settings.

Note: You can also reverse the recoil servo's direction from OP Config, see the Motors tab. But the end-points can only be adjusted from the special menu described on this page.

Recoil Servo setup menu dipswitch settings The TCB has four special menus chosen by the position of dipswitch #3 and #4. To select the Servo Recoil setup menu set both dipswitch #3 and #4 to Off. Then to enter the menu, press and hold the INPUT button on the TCB for two seconds. To exit the menu, press the INPUT button again briefly.

While in this menu use the barrel elevation stick to adjust the end point. Use the steering stick to select which end-point you are adjusting. And use the throttle stick to reverse the servo's movement. See the video below for an example.

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