Getting Started with OP Config

OP Config is a desktop configuration program for the Open Panzer Tank Control Board (TCB). All the settings of the TCB can be modified in this program.

You can download OP Config here. At this time OP Config will only run in Windows.

Brief Overview

When the OP Config program is first opened, all settings are initialized to some default values. If you want to start from a pre-existing collection of settings, you can load an .OPZ file from your computer, or you can connect to the TCB and read the settings that are saved on it.

When you are done modifying the settings, you must then write them to the TCB in order for them to take effect. You can also save the settings to an .OPZ file on your computer for backup. It can be very useful to save a default settings file after you have completed Radio Setup so you don't need to repeat it for future models.

Updating the settings on the TCB is not the same as updating the firmware on the TCB. Settings are choices you make from existing options. They can change how fast the tank moves, which IR protocol the tank uses for battle, or which controls on your radio are mapped to certain functions. But settings do not change the underlying software on the device, which we call the “firmware.”

However it is also possible to update the firmware, for example when new upgrades are released. Firmware updates may change the basic functionality of the device or fix bugs from prior versions. To learn more about updating the firmware, see the instructions for the Firmware tab. Otherwise the rest of the OP Config documentation will focus on the settings.

Getting Started Topics:

Tab Index

Each tab of OP Config has its own page:

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