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TCB Dev / Heclo TCB Shield for Mega2560 Boards
« on: July 09, 2020, 07:38:56 AM »
Hello everyone!

I have been following the Open Panzer project for a while and in my education as a electronics technician I made a "shield" that fit on an arduino mega 2560 R3 board, with most of the functions of the Open Panzer TCB and the Open Panzer sound card onboard, plus some extras.

Instead of the L298 motor driver as the onboard drivers I have opted for 2 x VNH5050 chips which are similar to those found on the OP Scout ESC, but in a smaller package. They can draw 30A each and therefore should be adaquete to most aplications. I have also added 2 additional H-bridges to power the turret elevation and traverse motors, they can draw 3A each.

The high-current drivers have current monitoring which I have implemented into the TCB code so that throttle commands corrosponds to engine wattage instead of a PWM setting, this makes simulating a models scale power a lot easier, resulting in realistic slow down when going uphill or through rough terrain.

All in all this makes Open Panzer a stand-alone board with all the necessary components onboard (except for a radio recaiver I suppose).

It has been tested in so far 6 different tanks with great results.
I have attached the schematics and a pinout rendering for those interested.


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