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Re: Engine Acceleration sounds best with change in pitch
« Reply #15 on: September 07, 2018, 09:00:26 AM »
I have another thought regarding sound file processing:

If you are at full throttle(FT) and in the FT loop, and drop to idle (let go of stick,not throttle down slowly), then 'play decel wav' would be straightforward.

If you are at half throttle (or in any of the  accel track loops) and drop to idle, you will only need 1/2 (or at the proportionate location)  of the 'play decel wav.'    Same with 'play acceleration wav'  if so inclined. 

The question is how to locate and buffer any point in a .wav file while playing the other tracks. This calculation would really only need to be done when you have entered a track loop for a time long enough to allow a calculation as to where to enter the 'play decel wav'  and probably not necessary for any of the lower rpm accel wav tracks.  Say 25% throttle and greater could use this 'play decel wav' interrupt. 

Alternative: you will not have to calculate where to enter the 'decel' track! If you are at accel wav 3, you may be at half throt, and therefore only need 1/2 of the decel track, so you can just use a' 1/2 decel track .wav'....

And if you are throttling up or down slowly, you could just run through the standard accel step wavs blending one into the other as you already plan.  The more accel steps, the smoother this will be,,,,