Prior Sound Card Hardware

Sound Card - Obsolete Hardware Revisions

Sound Card Hardware
Ver 2 (r3)
NOTES Version 2 changed the amplifier to a 10 watt Maxim 9768 (up from 2.6 watts in Version 1), and also adds a reverse-polarity protection diode. Version 2 and later removes the SD flash memory chip from Version 1 which was never utilized (or needed). Version 2 does not have lights or servo outputs.

Sound Card Hardware
Ver 1
NOTES Version 1 featured a 2.6 watt LM48310 amplifier, which some users found inadequate; it does however also include a line-out connector for use with an external amplifier. Version 1 also includes an SD flash memory chip (in addition to the micro-SD external memory card), however the flash memory was never implemented or used. Version 1 does not have lights or servo outputs.