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Open Panzer Help / Newbie with a Turnigy 9x
« on: November 16, 2021, 12:40:33 AM »

Many thamks to the Admin for letting me post here!

Some background..... normally I dont use control boards and just connect a reciever to some ESCs and work with that. But a few years ago I bought three TCBs from Hobbyking  and never got around to using them. Now that they seem to let one use the Taigen sound cards....I thought it would be nice to try them as a cheap(er) way of getting some sound.

I have a Turnigy 9x v.2 thatis the only radio I own. Its flashed with the Er9x firmware (version .8...something I think). It has a stock module in the back of it. I normally use this with the standard recievers of which I have a lot.

Im not sure how to insert a picture so here is a link:

Om guessing it uses this afdhs 2 protocol.

Connecting the TCB to OP on my PC works fine and I flashed the firmware as per instructions.

Connecting the reciever to the TCB (top or bottom pins) does not allow the radio to be recognised (followed correct binding procedure and everything).

On the wiki I see that the radio is listed as recommended and while there is some talk of teh standard "IA8" reciever being "PPM compatible" it doesnt actually say if the reciever will work or not?

The standard reciever is not listed on teh reciever section of the Wiki.

So I ordered some of these:  FS-iA6B  and    Flysky 2.4G 10CH FS-iA10B Receiver PPM Output With iBus Port

My question(s) is/are:

1. Will those recievers work with my radio?
2. Will this radio and those recievers (Assuming they work) bot work with the TCB?
3. Should the standard recievers be working with the TCB?

Apologies for teh roundabout way of getting to the point but I am not much of an expert with either radios or recievers or control boards for that matter......

But I am eager to try out these TCB boards as maybe they are better than just connecting ESCs to recievers in a crude setup.

Thanks in advance!


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