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Scout Dev / Re: Home Build
« on: October 27, 2017, 01:33:41 AM »

Pictures of the SEEED boards

Scout Dev / Re: Home Build
« on: October 26, 2017, 06:20:08 AM »
Hello John,

Sorry for the delay but I have not logged on for a while.

As far as uploading to SEEED I just got the zip files from OSH and then uploaded them to SEEED.

The boards seem ok and I just used all the default settings as this was the first time I have ever ordered boards.

I showed them to someone at work and they were impressed with them.

He says they have been electrically tested as well as he can see the small indentations from the probes.

Apparently they have to pay extra for testing when they buy their boards from another supplier.

I did notice the silkscreen was slightly out.

The only issue I had was getting the stencils made.

If you try and get SEEED to do the stencils then the postage goes through the roof, I think it is a fault with their system.

So I got the stencils made by OSH.

There is an issue with sourcing the parts, the H Bridge is now obsolete VNH2SP30.

There is a replacement VNH3SP30 however it does not have the CS pin, is this an issue Luke?

Ali-express still has the original chip available but only from limited sources.

I will take photos of the boards and upload them.

Best Regards


Scout Dev / Home Build
« on: September 19, 2017, 03:17:22 PM »
I have just received some PCB's for the Scout and OP Sound from china (SEEED). Very good boards, 10 boards @ $4.90 plus $10 shipping, so total cost of $20. That is effectivelly $1 each and the boards have also been electrically tested.

You can also order a solder stencil but I wanted to see the quality of the boards.

The question, can I vary from the BOM.

For instance will non surge 1/10W resistors be ok?

The flash memory is W25Q128FVSG acceptable?

What parts can't be changed?

It also may be of interest that SEEED will manufacture fully populated boards.

I tried to get a price but was unsure if it was complete as there was a warning that all parts were not recognised.

It may be worth pursuing for a production run.

Best Regards


Open Source Sound Dev / Re: Noise Cancelling
« on: July 12, 2017, 02:28:42 AM »
Hello Luke,
The theory for cancelling is good, however in reality you can only manage about 80%. It takes a finite time to receive the noise, invert, amplify and then send to the speaker so I would guess the best phase shift would be about 190°. This would provide an extremely good reduction in gearbox and motor noise.
Unfortunately I am absolutely useless when it comes to software.
If it proved successful this would, in my estimation, be huge plus point for your sound module as I do not believe anyone provides this feature.

I was going to order ESC and Sound boards, however as I said software is the issue.



Open Source Sound Dev / Noise Cancelling
« on: July 10, 2017, 12:34:55 PM »

I was talking with my friend about the TCB and adding sound, he was not very enthusiastic as he said the motor/gearbox noise almost drowned out the tank sounds.

I then had a thought, why not add noise cancelling to the sound card.

Since the card has not gone for manufacture yet I thought a modification could be done.

My idea,

Add a micro-phone to the board so this can pick up the motor/gearbox noise.

Put a 180° phase shift on the signal (invert).

Amplify the signal and add it the output.

Programming options,

Enable noise cancelling, level adjustment and output with and without tank noise (gives user ability to adjust cancelling without tank sounds).



TCB Dev / Re: FTI USB Module
« on: February 25, 2017, 03:11:52 AM »
Hello Luke,

The designer has said yes to using/adapting his circuit/software.

The only difference is that this design is a parallel output, but it could give ideas or you could modify the circuit.

It of course may be of no use whatsoever.

They have produced a Technical Bulletin detailing it.

How do I send you a pdf?


TCB Dev / FTI USB Module
« on: February 23, 2017, 02:47:56 PM »

I have just found your site and the project looks very interesting.

Have you frozen your design?

The reason I ask is that I am member of MERG and they design electronics for model
 railways and they made a USB module using an FTI USB interface.

These interfaces are expensive so they removed the FTI USB interface and replaced it with a PIC, the price of the USB module kit then fell dramatically from £20+ to just £9, all down to the price of the FTI USB interface.

If you are interested I can ask if you can use there code/design they are also open source.

Best Regards


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