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Show and Tell / My first dev experience in DIY TCB for tank M26 HL
« on: January 31, 2020, 06:19:32 PM »

Some time ago, I wondered which tank control board I should use?

Will it be branded well-known proprietary control boards of well-known brands, or will I try to do something myself while studying arduino programming, or will it be something else?

It so happened that my searches and throwings led me to a huge work of a person, and I write this blog (I think I was not mistaken with the format and choice of the topic position for this post).

It all started with the well-known store hobbyking, where I came across a TCB board.

It immediately seemed to me very simple, terribly understandable, but there was a problem! The product has already been discontinued!

I was very upset then, and my wallet cried, which saw only one alternative. Proprietary boards of well-known manufacturers.

For some time I left my dream, started studying electronics, arduino, mastered a lot of technologies, went a long way in understanding how the author of the TSB did his great project, and I told myself!

Stop suffering! Quickly raised his ass, and applied the knowledge!

The great work of a compatriot from the city of St. Petersburg and the author’s comments both on this forum and on the forum in my country helped me in this.

(it’s very bad that the owner of the forum DENY does not respond to my requests to help me register on his forum, well then I will write here, on the forum of the author of the project, if this is not interesting and in demand in my country).

And I made up my mind. I decided to make my version of the board for myself, going all the way:

1. Creating a circuit in EasyEDA, repeating the path of the author of the original circuit board.
2. Checking the circuit, and ordering a printed circuit board in another country.
3. Ordering electronic components, a stencil for solder paste, practice soldering components using paste.
4. The study of the labor potential of the respected author of the TSB, in the do-it-yourself version.
5. Getting a board that I can’t buy already, having made it for myself and my projects.

I will write about this in this topic, describing all the difficulties that I encountered, being a dumb military, in the field of electronics.

I apologize, I write in my own language, and use online translators.
I will be glad if my mistakes in grammar and spelling are explained verbatim to me.
I will be glad if they point out the flaws in my engineering approach.
I will be glad to any advice and criticism.

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