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made some audacity files trying to match the Benedini and improve the Taigen sounds.  There is an obvious correlation between throttle stick position and playback speed. This accelerated playback usually sounds terribly electronic (whether a linear speed change algorithm or accessing WAV files at certain throttle points). However, by changing pitch -5% or so for every ~50% increase in playback speed to a certain point (60-70% of full throttle). There is now a very nice engine sound. This works better at the lower 'rpm's' than the higher ones because natural engine frequency increases at higher rpm's.  So pitch delta would have to be increased, then decreased as rpm increases. This could be linear to make it easier.  See pic.

I have tried to included my audacity WAV sound files from a basic diesel engine idle to 200% idle speed.    Unfortunately, I could not post the WAV files so I made a youtube vid of each. Sounds better live. Had to record on vid for youtube as my vid editor would not import WAV file into blank video. And my desk is dusty.. :(

Another important point is overlap. Overlap in idle and throttle up, revving to throttle down, throttle down to idle, etc.....The issues regarding sound card multi track playback have been discussed.

No change in pitch:

Chnage in pitch:

Show and Tell / XRAD'S Elefant
« on: June 26, 2018, 04:48:24 PM »
Hello All,
Been working on this 1/16 predominantly scratch build for a while.  Built many arduino IDE based trinket and other microprocessor projects, including writing code for some basic sound and light control, both button press and RC for laser blasters, glowing crystals, live steam, and many scale models (if interested: )  Also, created many 3D printed parts for these. This is my first build with the OP TCB. So far, all the basic functions work, cannon, barrel pan and elevation, cannon flash (HL), and MG1. I am using a RadioLink 12 channel with the 12 channel sbus Rx.  I plan to use the Benedini sound card as it, IMHO, offers the most realistic engine throttle sound algorithm.

The OPConfig program worked like a champ. I did have to update the board firmware twice but after that, no issues.  Waiting on two ESc's for the motors. 

Thank you OP for creating these boards. I know it is MUCH work and time.

Some pics... more to follow.

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