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Forum Registration
« on: March 04, 2019, 08:18:59 PM »
In recent months this forum has been inundated with spam accounts, sometimes up to a dozen a day. This creates a lot of work to delete them, or to try to figure out who is a legit user and who is a spam bot. Extensive automated measures have been taken to prevent bots from registering, but I think some foreign countries are paying cheap labor prices to have actual humans do the registration, with ill intent.

Because it has become too much to keep on top of, you may find registration disabled. But you can still obtain an account! To do so you must send me a private message (PM) at either the RCUniverse or RCTankWarfare forums. My username at both is LukeZ.

Your PM should have the following information:
- Subject should be "Open Panzer Forum Registration"
- Provide me your email address
- Tell me your desired forum username

I will manually register you and you will then be sent an email to activate your account.

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