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  <th width="​20%">​File Name</​th>​  <th width="​20%">​File Name</​th>​
  <th width="​60%">​Notes</​th>​  <th width="​60%">​Notes</​th>​
 + </​tr>​
 + <​tr>​
 + <​td>​Pre-Heat Sound</​td>​
 + <​td>​preheat.wav</​td>​
 + <​td>​For users with smokers that have independent control of the fan and heating element, you may choose in OP Config to turn on the heating element for a user-defined length of time prior to the engine starting (<a href="​http://​openpanzer.org/​wiki/​doku.php?​id=wiki:​opconfig:​tabs:​motors#​smoker">​on the Motors tab</​a>​). This can allow for more smoke when the engine does start after the delay. You can use this sound as a notification that the engine is pre-heating and waiting to start.</​td>​
  </​tr>​  </​tr>​
  <​tr>​  <​tr>​
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