Barrel Elevation Servo

You have several options for controlling the barrel elevation movement. If you are using a stock Tamiya, Heng-Long or Taigen kit, you probably want to use the onboard Motor B output to drive the mechanical elevation unit directly. But if you are building a custom model, you also have the choice to use any servo or ESC by selecting RC Output in the Barrel Elevation motor type list on the Motors tab of OP Config. But you can also choose one more option: Servo - Pan Effect.

The servo pan effect is intended to be used with any standard hobby servo, but it modifies the way your transmitter stick controls the servo. Typically a servo will move in conjunction with your stick movements, and when you return the transmitter stick to center, the servo also returns to center. With the Pan Effect, stick movements will actually be converted to speed commands, not absolute position commands. If you move the stick a very small amount in one direction, the servo will start moving very slowly in that direction and keep moving in that direction until you return the stick to center. Stick centered means “zero speed,” but it does not mean the servo will return to center. For that you will have to move the stick in the opposite direction to bring the servo back. The farther away from center you move the transmitter stick, the faster the servo will move in the specified direction. When the servo reaches its mechanical limit, it will stop.

Barrel Elevation Servo setup menu dipswitch settings If you do select a servo for barrel elevation (either regular RC Output or using the Pan Effect), you may also want to set custom end-points on your servo travel. But because the radio's turret stick is used for more than direct control of the turret motors, it is not practical to use the transmitter's end-point settings to do so. Never fear, you can do it much more easily using the TCB's servo-setup menu. The TCB has four special menus chosen by the position of dipswitch #3 and #4. To select the Barrel Elevation Servo setup menu set both dipswitch #3 and #4 to On. Then to enter the menu, press and hold the INPUT button on the TCB for two seconds. To exit the menu, press the INPUT button again briefly.

While in this menu use the barrel elevation stick to adjust the end points. Use the steering stick to select which end-point you are adjusting. And use the throttle stick to reverse the servo's movement.

If any of this is confusing, see the video below for an example of everything you need to know about using a servo for barrel elevation!

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