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 <​html><​center></​html>//​Taigen IR Receiver ("​Apple"​) wired to the TCB//<​html></​center></​html>​ <​html><​center></​html>//​Taigen IR Receiver ("​Apple"​) wired to the TCB//<​html></​center></​html>​
 +==== Apple LEDs Used for Confirmation ====
 +If you are using a Tamiya apple then display LEDs are built in, but other brands may omit them. If you do have display LEDs the TCB will use them to signal various things to the user, as shown in the video below. ​
 +{{ youtube>​dxtpWfMKqa4?​large |Apple Notification LEDs}}
 ===== IR Transmitter ===== ===== IR Transmitter =====
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