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My TCB project
« on: July 11, 2017, 12:15:31 PM »
I have been wanting to try the TCB for some time now and the time has come! For it is available right now.

I'll be using my Torro JagdTiger project as a temporary place for the TCB, as I intend to use it in my upcoming Panther II tank.
JagdTiger is fitted with metal wheels, sprocket, idler etc., plastic HL King Tiger tracks, a 15W Visaton speaker with enclosure from and the DKLM RC Propulsion Dynamics Steel Gearbox (PDSGB). This allows me to test a few things, as my Panther II will have similar setup.

Items used:
-FlySky FS-i6S TX with FS-iA10B RX (S-Bus mode) [Have item already]
-6 Cell NiMh Battery (Between 3000 and 5000 mAh of capacity) [Have item already]
-Open Panzer Tank Control Board [Ordered]
-2x X-Car 45A Brushed ESC [Ordered]
-DKLM RC PDSGB [Have item already]
-Benedini TBS Mini [Have item already]
-15W TDA7297 amplifier for Benedini TBS Mini [Have item already]
-15W Visaton speaker with enclosure from [Have item already]
-Taigen Battle Unit [Have item already]
-Hit leds for Taigen Battle Unit [Have item already]
-High Power IR led [Have item already]
-Various leds for MG, lights etc. [Have items already]
-Taigen High Intensity Flash Unit or a Flash led (Depending on whichever I like the most) [Have items already]
-2x TowerPro MG995 Servo's for Recoil and Elevation [Have items already]

Currently waiting on the TCB and ESC to arrive before I can start.
*JagdTiger 88mm PAK 43 [IN PROGRESS]
*128mm PAK 44 JagdSturmTiger [IN PROGRESS]
*SdKfz 251/22 Ausf D Pakwagen [IN PROGRESS]
*Leopard 2A6

Re: My TCB project
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2017, 11:45:08 AM »
My TCB and ESCs arrived today! I have to say the packaging of the TCB is quite nice.

I'll first have to update my Benedini TBS mini with the new software and then I can start tinkering!

My TCB project DSC_0242.JPG
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My TCB project DSC_0243.JPG
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My TCB project DSC_0244.JPG
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My TCB project DSC_0245.JPG
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My TCB project DSC_0246.JPG
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My TCB project DSC_0247.JPG
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My TCB project DSC_0249.JPG
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My TCB project DSC_0250.JPG
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My TCB project DSC_0251.JPG
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*JagdTiger 88mm PAK 43 [IN PROGRESS]
*128mm PAK 44 JagdSturmTiger [IN PROGRESS]
*SdKfz 251/22 Ausf D Pakwagen [IN PROGRESS]
*Leopard 2A6