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Spin Lock Out Feature?
« on: May 04, 2017, 08:37:16 AM »

I am not certain where this belongs; so, please feel free to move this inquiry if needed.

I would like to know if it is possible for the TCB to turn-off or lock out a RC Tank's ability to pivot, spin, super-spin, or whatever we're calling it?  What I mean is the ability of the tank to rotate its tracks it two different directions.   I would really like to make my Sturmtiger (and my Tiger 1s) work like the real Tiger 1.  The Tiger and quite a few WWII tanks could not preform this operation; in turning, it would reduce the speed of the inside track or stop it completely; but, not reverse it.  Is it possible for the TBC to mimic this operation?  I believe that the tank's ability to spin was actually introduced into a mass production tank with the Panther and never in the Tiger 1 or King Tiger.

I know to some this seems like an odd  or petty request; but, if you could lock that feature out, an RC Tiger would move more realistically.  I have done this with the stick control somewhat, but can never truly stop it completely.  SO, I was thinking why not see if the TCB could lock it out as an option.     




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Re: Spin Lock Out Feature?
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2017, 11:29:23 AM »
Springman yes I know what you're talking about and yes that is possible with the TCB. In the Open Panzer documentation you will see this most commonly referred to as "neutral turn" but you're right, people often call it super-spin (Heng Long's name for it) or other similar monikers.

See the Driving tab in OP Config, under the heading "Turning Adjustments" for a checkbox to enable or disable neutral turns. You can also set the maximum neutral turn speed, in case you want to allow them but not at a ridiculous speed.

We also have functions for enabling and disabling neutral turns. You can assign a switch on  your transmitter to these functions if you want to be able to control neutral turns on the fly from your radio.

Note that some gearboxes such as the Taigen V2 steel gearboxes, especially on heavier tanks with metal upgrades, simply can not turn the vehicle in normal operation. This is failure of the gearbox design and not an issue with the TCB. Because they can freewheel, slowing down the inside track doesn't cause a turn because the inside track will just freewheel to keep up with the outer track. On these models about the only way to turn at all is to use a neutral turn. So realistic or not, on some models the ability to turn in place is important. The Scout ESC has a special mode to compensate for these types of gearboxes, but of course the Scout ESC is no available right now so that won't do anyone any good.

I know there is a lot to read but you might want to go through the Wiki page by page, and also download the OP Config program and flip through the tabs and see what options there are. If you are interested in realistic turning movement you may also want to read about the three turn modes (though again these will not work with freewheeling gearboxes on some heavy models).
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