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DIY Reflow oven
« on: July 03, 2018, 08:33:04 AM »
Something completely different, but i managed to build a DIY Reflow oven that works quite well.

I have to say it's not completely my idea, so i have to thank Andy Brown for the work on the Android Reflow controller found here:
Basically what i did is take the great design from Andy, ordered 10 PCB's from SEEED and started to assemble it with parts from Farnell.

The Reflow oven Andy is using is basacally this unit: it's a Halogen hot air oven.

I tried to tackle Andy's problem with heat loss by building the heater unit into a small 9 liter IR snack oven That i completely Gutted and insulated with glassfiber based insulation wrapped in Aluminium foil..

Both ovens where sourced from local Ebay (Marktplaats) for like 25 and 10 euro's The Andy Brown controller can be build for approx 15 euro's

After some tuning it turns out this little oven works out very well!
DIY Reflow oven IMG-20180627-WA0001.jpg
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DIY Reflow oven 20180627_222727.jpg
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DIY Reflow oven IMG-20180629-WA0000.jpg
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DIY Reflow oven 20180627_232812.jpg
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