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Open Panzer Help / Re: Motor Noise
« Last post by LukeZ on Today at 03:59:26 PM »
Great! Keep me posted but hopefully this does put an end to this pernicious problem.

As for the rumor - since HK discontinued the TCB I have had so far 4 commercial entities express "interest" in the project, although in a few cases that might be too strong a word, maybe just "curiosity" would be more accurate. But none have expressed a clear "intent" let alone a "plan" or "commitment" to produce.

For whatever reason, some operating in the RC tank space enjoy saying and predicting all sorts of things of which little may ever come true or else be years away. I have never understood the business logic behind this approach and I suspect there is none. Whether that tendency is related to this rumor or not, I don't know. I'm not familiar with the user in question and I don't know who he's been talking to.

My policy is to attempt to avoid predictions or saying anything of which I am not absolutely certain. This is so that over time my word may hopefully be taken to be something valuable and trustworthy. But as cautious as I am even I got burnt when Hobby King under-delivered on what I had felt safe to promise the public. So it is difficult for one to be too cautious with their words.

While I certainly do hope we can get the TCB re-started again, not to mention the other OP products, the honest truth from the horse's mouth is that I am not aware of a clear path forward at this moment. If the RCTankWarfare rumor is accurate even in its general impression then somebody knows something I don't.

Open Panzer Help / Re: Motor Noise
« Last post by Lotuswins on Today at 11:00:13 AM »

That was QUICK!!

And a video to boot.....thank you so much.

So I pulled down the Panther, ran the turret/gun elevation around/up & down and FINALLY got it to misbehave (I was worried since this time it took a few minutes...go figure).  And then I downloaded the latest firmware and loaded, and of course, OPConfig needed the latest version, and of course, my anti virus (AVG) said it needed to check out the new software since it MAY have malware.....sheeze.   Eventually, all loaded and ready to test:

I mapped channel 8 to the IR toggle on Aux 4, checked and it turns on (slow then fast blink) and off (fast then slow blink)....check

I snooped and it shows 'cannon fire (IR)' or just 'cannon fire '....check

Then checked IR output with another tank, and receive/hit.....all works good.  .....check

Pulled out the multimeter, and yes the voltage on the signal pin is now at 5v, either with IR enabled or disabled. .....check

So far, it has not misbehaved, and I ran about 5 minutes or so, and the Panther was the most active.  I'll update all my other tanks (9), this week and see if the SU or the Pershing still have issues, but I think it is now fixed. 

This is so, about that rumor?

Thanks again!!


Open Panzer Help / Re: Motor Noise
« Last post by LukeZ on April 23, 2019, 05:58:25 PM »
Ok I've added enable/disable/toggle functions for IR. I also enabled the internal pull-up resistor on the receive line, which may in itself possibly solve your problem (it has the same effect as holding the receive line to +5 volts). If you want to test, the first thing to do would be to update the firmware (0.93.47) but leave the rest of your setup the same - keep IR enabled, and leave your mushroom unplugged. Drive around, move the turret/whatever, and see if you get a false hit again. If not, then that takes care of that.

But if you do still get false hits, then you'll want to utilize the enable/disable IR functions through some switch or channel on your transmitter. I've added visual confirmation through the hit LEDs, you can see this illustrated towards the end of the video below.

As another confirmation, if you are connected in Snoop and fire the cannon it will now specify whether the IR signal was also sent as part of the cannon fire event or not.

Let me know if you have any issues!

Open Source Sound Dev / Re: Open Source Sound using Teensy 3.2 and PJRC Audio Library
« Last post by LukeZ on April 23, 2019, 01:17:30 PM »
OP Config gives you 10 seconds to push the button on the Teensy, the flash operation doesn't actually start until it detects the button press. But anyway, you have figured it out.

I deduce that you are using the Sound card with the TCB rather than in RC mode. If you get no sound, it could be a wiring issue with your amp, or you might also want to double-check that your sound files are named correctly and saved in the right format (16 bit and 44,100 Hz WAV).

Some users have developed some sound sets for the OP Sound Card which you can download here, if that helps with testing. At least then you know the sound files are not the problem.
OK I got the Teensy loaded. My pc keeps telling me it can't load the driver but just ignore that, The issue was a sequence problem. When you go to Firmware in OP config and click on the Sound card tab, then click "get latest fw" there is no further prompt until you click the Flash" button then a warning pops up telling you to push the reset button on the teensy. Only it is too late!!! and the flash upload fails.

So when all else fails read the instructions!!! So went to Teensy site and for you to flash the Teensy you must push the reset button first !!  you will notice that the flashing led on the Teensy goes out (the flashing led is the default program) THEN you click on the Flash button in OP Config and then the bastard loads!!

OK so now I have the blue led on the Teensy sound card slowly blinking-- it turn hard on when I send command ie fire gun etc then when command is completed it goes back to slow blink. So something is working but no sound--so will do further investigation--stay tuned
Thanks Luke.
I tried that but the Teensy won't connect. My pc came up with "failed to load driver file for Teensy".  Where do i find the drivers I need for this as my pc won't recognize the Teensy so the OP software can't make a connection.

Open Source Sound Dev / Re: Open Source Sound using Teensy 3.2 and PJRC Audio Library
« Last post by LukeZ on April 23, 2019, 01:17:40 AM »
To get the firmware on the Teensy just plug it into your computer using a USB cable. Then open OP Config, go the Firmware tab, select "Sound Card" in the Hex file drop-down list, then click the "Get Latest Release" button which will download the latest firmware. Now click the "Flash" button, OP Config will then wait until you press the button on the Teensy and when it detects that it will load the firmware.

After that the Sound Card is ready to go, you can control it either with RC or with a cable to the TCB. To adjust sounds all you have to do is change the sounds on your SD card, and any other adjustments are made with INI Creator or OP Config. You shouldn't need to load the firmware again unless new features are added later.
Hi Luke
I have built a prototype  sound card on a breadboard with a teensy and the add-on SD card board that stacks on top of it.  I am using a 10 watt amp module bought from ebay cheap and I have the 5 volt supply etc on the board and the activity leds.
I can't get the OP software to recognize the teensy although the led is lite on the teensy but the activity leds are dark.

How do I get the OP Sound card firmware into the Teensey I assume this is required. The installation details for the sound card are a bit vague. I have loaded the test sound files with the correct file names etc on the sd card and inserted that into the Teensy.   Does the Teensy firmware get uploaded over the serial port from the TCB?? If so how do you initiate that??
Access to the reset button on the Teensy with the SD board stacked on top is not a problem provided you use suitable height riser pins to solder the two boards together.

Open Panzer Help / Re: Motor Noise
« Last post by Lotuswins on April 20, 2019, 11:05:31 AM »
Open Panzer Help / Re: Motor Noise
« Last post by Lotuswins on April 20, 2019, 10:53:58 AM »
Adding an enable/disable toggle option for IR would really be awesome.  If, while you are in there, it could have a visual feedback to the operator via the flash LED it would help establish the state of the tank......three flashes it is enabled, a long one it is disabled....or something like that? Most of my tanks with the TCB still only have 7 channels used:

Channel 5: airsoft enable/disable
Channel 6: machine gun toggle
Channel 7: Volume  control either mapped to a servo driven pot (Taigen board) or a 3 position switch (benedini)
Channel 8: open for use mostly.....

I only have one tank using 9 channels, a T55A (tiran 4 colors), which has all those lights working and the machine gun cupola rotates via a servo.  Its the most animated tank so far.

Though, actually, most do now have the XJT module xmtr, with XSR receivers and 16 channels aren't a problem.....but a switch to throw mechanically would be a good option for those that don't have an available channel.

I have a switch available on my xmtrs too, ON2 isn't being used, which is half of the three position switch just right of center above the right stick.....up is to turn the tank on, and down used to turn on inertia but I haven't that enabled anywhere anymore. 

So I won't do anything on the Panther until you are able to maybe get something going so it can be tested, since it seems to be a good test bed.

Thanks so much for the help/support!!!

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