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Open Panzer Help / Re: turn and forward problem
« on: June 01, 2019, 03:27:33 PM »
actually the neutral turn has a slight problem, which for me is anecdotal.

I already reversed the polarity of an engine this morning, the left as easier to access in the tank, it was not the good has reversed, but the bottom line is that I can move forward or back at the same time than turn.
I will look at this "problem" occasionally, I will keep you informed.
Yes, there is only one way to connect everything that will give correct function in all directions. Most likely you just need to reverse the other motor instead, or reverse one of the radio channels. I am confident you can experiment until it works perfectly, but if you are happy already then just enjoy it!

Most importantly we have confirmed there is nothing wrong with your TCB. Good luck and if you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask!

Open Panzer Help / Re: turn and forward problem
« on: June 01, 2019, 07:38:38 AM »
I am very glad to hear it! Often we find the most difficult problems have the solutions most simple. Thank you for your perseverance. I knew we would find the answer eventually.

Hopefully this does indeed help others. I wold be interested to hear from Juanillor what his results have been.

il n'y a juste que le rotation sur place qui fait stick a gauche tank vers la droite mais cela ne me préoccupe absolument pas.
Google did not translate this line very well. It sounds like your turning direction is reversed, but only for neutral turn? You can change polarity of motors or reverse channels in OP Config, but if it turns correctly when you advance, it should also turn correctly in neutral turns.

Open Panzer Help / Re: turn and forward problem
« on: May 31, 2019, 05:24:03 PM »
Finally, we have discovered the problem. You have steering and throttle channels mixed. It explains all your symptoms. When you move the stick forward, what you are actually doing is performing a neutral turn. If you had disabled neutral turns you wouldn't even have been able to move forward or backwards.

In OP Config, change Throttle to Order 2 and change Steering to Order 1. That should fix your problem. You will probably also have to change the polarity of one of your motors (just swap the two motor wires).

Let me know how this works.

Open Panzer Help / Re: turn and forward problem
« on: May 31, 2019, 02:16:53 PM »
We still have too many variables to make an accurate diagnosis. All troubleshooting requires elimination of possibilities until only the problem remains. Right now we have translation difficulties, radio uncertainty, and possibly though unlikely maybe a TCB bug.

Minet you need to understand how your radio works and exactly what it is doing before we can either A) eliminate the radio as a potential source of the problem or B) fix whatever is incorrect about the radio setup. Keep experimenting. It would be best if we could use something other than tanker9x but right now you are not yet proficient at other operating systems, so that needs to be addressed.

In the meantime, here is another test firmware to try on your TCB (see below). With this version you will now see 4 columns in Snoop while driving:
Drive Command - [Drive Speed] - Turn Command - [Turn Amount]

The Commands are what the TCB recognizes from your radio for the channels you have assigned to throttle and steering. The drive speed and turn amount are what the TCB has decided should be the output - they don't always equal the command because you might have inertia enabled, or speed limits, etc... In the screenshot below you can see that I am moving forward and turning left. Negative turn values mean left, positive turn values mean right. Negative drive values mean reverse, positive drive values mean forward.

Try moving forward and turn at the same time and take a screenshot. Maybe this will tell us something useful.

Open Panzer Help / Re: turn and forward problem
« on: May 30, 2019, 04:54:09 PM »
To be clear - do you see both turning and advancing at the same time in OP Config? Or does it appear the turning channel remains stationary while advancing the throttle channel?

Open Panzer Help / Re: turn and forward problem
« on: May 30, 2019, 03:11:50 PM »
It would probably be better to just create a new model in er9x rather than use my setting file, because my file probably has something different that doesn't work on your transmitter, or maybe it was made in a different version of er9x.

Alternatively you can try to figure out what the problem is with tanker9x and undo whatever mix or setting is preventing the turning from working.

With tanker9x on your transmitter, connect to OP Config and click Read Radio on the Radio tab. Now move the throttle stick forward and move the turn stick. Do you see the channels moving on the screen correctly? Or is the turn channel ignored when throttle is active?

Open Panzer Help / Re: turn and forward problem
« on: May 30, 2019, 02:21:20 PM »
The XJT is a good module and I use it myself. But it is not necessary to buy, you can use your existing module.

I realize now the setting file I gave you will need to be adjusted. Go into Model Setup on your transmitter, select the Protocol menu, then change the "Proto" setting from XJT (what I was using) to PPM 8CH (what your module uses).

You can confirm whether your radio is working just by plugging a servo into your receiver, ignore the TCB for now. Get your radio working first, then proceed to working on the tank.

Open Panzer Help / Re: turn and forward problem
« on: May 29, 2019, 12:43:41 PM »

je teste votre fichier, j'ai reflash ma turnigy 9X avec le firmware d'origine, j'ai connu quelques problème hier soir de bind entre la radio et le recepteur FS-A8S.

Donc dès que j'ai réussi d'implanter les paramètres je vous tiendrais au courant.



I test your file, I reflected my turnigy 9X with the original firmware, I had some problem last night bind between the radio and the receiver FS-A8S.

So as soon as I managed to implement the settings I will keep you informed.

Ok, if you put your 9X back to "original" firmware then my file will not work. My file will only work with er9x transmitter software, not original software.

I am curious, what module are you using in the transmitter? Are you using the stock AFHDS-2A module that comes with the Hobby King transmitter? If so I am not sure it will be possible to bind to the FS-A8S. Hobby King's webpage on the FS-A8S implies that it will work but I think they are wrong. You will probably have to use the stock iA8 receiver, or else upgrade to a new module (I recommend FrSky XJT and FrSky receiver).

Open Panzer Help / Re: turn and forward problem
« on: May 28, 2019, 04:48:01 PM »
Minet, here is a basic er9x model setup that I use. You can load it to your transmitter using the eePe program. On your transmitter you should perform also a perform the Calibration routine once (in er9x the Calibration routine is in the Radio Setup menu - press the left button on the transmitter to enter the Radio Setup menu).

A complete tutorial on er9x is beyond my ability. It has many functions and abilities but for our purposes we need only the most basic. On the Model Setup screen, under MIXER you will see that all I have done is create a mix for each of the 14 controls on the 9X transmitter. I am not mixing channels with each other - the terminology is a little confusing, all I am doing is mixing the physical control (switch, knob, stick) to a channel number.

Everything else you need can be done in OP Config.

I hope this helps.

Open Panzer Help / Re: turn and forward problem
« on: May 28, 2019, 03:42:06 PM »
What this tells me is that your steering channel is not being recognized or processed.

I strongly recommend against using Tanker9X. It is designed to perform functions in the transmitter that should instead be left to the TCB. It is also no longer being supported or developed so far as I know. It was never designed for use with the Open Panzer TCB. 

To eliminate this as a possible factor, can you try a different transmitter? Alternatively try replacing the firmware with with ER9X, OpenTX or any other general-purpose operating system. You want the most basic setup on your transmitter - each channel simply transmits its own values. NO mixes, nothing fancy. That will only create problems.

Open Panzer Help / Re: correcion de direccion
« on: May 28, 2019, 02:20:58 PM »
I am sorry that hasn't been fixed. You might want to follow along with the other thread and try the suggestions there to see if they help you. The other user is French, you are Spanish and I am English so it is kind of crazy but hopefully with Google translate we can all understand each other!

Turn and Forward Problem

Open Panzer Help / Re: turn and forward problem
« on: May 28, 2019, 02:14:01 PM »
This problem has me stumped. I loaded your OPZ file onto my own TCB, I connected it to two XCar 45 ESCs same as you, and I have no problems. I am even using a 9X radio as well, although my radio settings are slightly different.

I have several 9X radios and I always have to set the channel order for the sticks to 2,4,3,1 (throttle, steering, elevation, rotation). Yours are 1,2,3,4 but maybe you have re-arranged the channel order on the transmitter. You should make sure that your transmitter does NOT have any mixes created. I would suggest you run through Radio Setup one more time just to be sure that is not contributing to the problem. See the YouTube video for a reminder if necessary.

Afterwards, can you please load this test firmware onto your TCB. Right-click the link and select "Save link as" to save it to your computer. Then on the Firmware tab of OP Config, click the "Use your own Hex" button to select this file. Now flash to the TCB.


If you were already using a recent version of firmware your settings should be maintained, if you were using an older version (0.93.44 or earlier) they will be reset to default, in that case you will want to write your OPZ file after flashing to restore your settings.

The only change in this version is that it will print the actual speed values being sent to each track in real time. To see these values, you will need to keep your TCB connected to the computer in Snoop mode (keep your tank elevated so it doesn't drive off your desk!)

I have shown a screenshot below. The left column is the speed of the left track, the right column is the speed of the right track. Values can range from 0 (stopped) to 255 (full speed). Forward speeds are positive and reverse speeds are negative. In this screenshot, you can see that I am going full speed ahead and turning right at the same time (left track speed is maximum 255, right track speed is much slower at around 70).

What you describe is that when moving forward, you command a turn but no turn happens. If that is what the TCB is actually doing, Snoop will show that your left and right track speeds are always the same, even when you move the steering stick. That definitely should not be possible but let's see what happens.

Open Panzer Help / Re: Machine gun sound glitch
« on: May 28, 2019, 01:39:09 PM »
Also, that's a beautiful P4! I'm glad to hear it was well-received by the onlookers and I can see why it would be. Good job.

Open Panzer Help / Re: Machine gun sound glitch
« on: May 28, 2019, 01:38:25 PM »
Thanks Rad for reporting that. In fact it is a known issue, and you correctly identified the cause - a long MG stop sound. The TCB doesn't know anything about the stop sound, not how long it is or even that there is one. When you tell the TCB to stop the MG it thinks it happens right away. The TCB is controlling the light so it stops the light, but the sound card is controlling the sound and it keeps going. You can re-start the MG on the TCB and the TCB will happily start blinking the light again, but the sound card says "Wait! You aren't done with the stop sound. I will not comply."

The most direct fix is the thumb fix. The user, knowing he loaded a long stop sound, needs to restrain his thumb from re-starting the MG right away before the stop sound has completed. Also this is a very good example why it is important to eliminate any silence at the end of your sound files, and fade them out very quickly.

Another fix which I will consider is that we instruct the user, when using the OP Sound Card, to move the MG light from the TCB output to one of the outputs on the Sound Card. Your early prototype doesn't have any light outputs but as you know the current version has 3. Since the Sound Card knows how long the stop sound is, it can more accurately control the light output, preventing it fro restarting while the stop sound is still playing.

However even that wouldn't be 100% perfect because the TCB could still be firing the MG IR signal at the wrong times. The perfect fix is either for the user to specify in OP Config the length of their stop sound, so now the TCB is aware of it (which is more work for the user and more settings to clutter OP Config); or most ideally of all have the Sound Card communicate via serial to the TCB on startup this kind of information. That's the best solution but is also the more time-consuming one, and considering only a handful of people in the universe even have one of these devices, I am probably going to postpone it until such a day as they become more widely available.

But thanks for bringing it up and reminding me, I will add it to my long-term to-do list.

Open Panzer Help / Re: USB Device not recognized
« on: May 28, 2019, 01:27:51 PM »
Thank you anyway Sub for testing, at least now we can put this test to rest after almost 2 years of wondering!

I have several computers at home running Windows XP, 7, and 10 and for me the TCB almost always connects directly with the Connect button, probably 95% of the time. Every once in a while I will need to use Snoop but for me to really test a fix I would need to have a computer that requires Snoop every single time. Otherwise, I can make some firmware change, but then when it connects with the Connect button I don't really know - would it have connected anyway, since it usually does? Or did I fix something?

In fact there may not be a good fix for this problem. I understand what is going on, Windows is deciding to hold the device in reset mode when we connect and immediately start communicating (this is what happens when we use the Connect button). When we Snoop, we connect but don't immediately start communicating until later you hit the connect button.

I could eliminate entirely Window's ability to reset the device, but in fact this ability is necessary in one situation - when we are flashing new firmware. So if I made that change your Connect would always work, but you would not be able to update the device without manually resetting it during a very brief window of a few seconds by pushing the Reset button on the board. This would probably be inconvenient or impractical for most people, especially after the board is mounted in the model.

So it's kind of a conundrum, but at least the Snoop method works.

Thanks again for testing and reporting back, and especially thank you for figuring out the USB power saving issue earlier.

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