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Yes, I agree with what Luke has said, when I said Its not too bad, I've done a few circuits and I'm comfortable with what I'm doing but as mentioned still got a mistake, still have not had a chance to do the second sound card, will do it when life slows down, I have run the Stug though and its a dream to drive with the TCB and scout :)

Hi, its a bit of a challenge but you just need to take your time with it, I got my Scout done first time and had a slight issue with my sound card but I'm doing another one today so I will let you know how I go, I will use the 1st sound card on another model if I work out what went wrong, its strange, it seems to work but I don't get sound so I think its the amp or another part of the output that has the issue. Funny because the Scout was harder :)

Ok, round 2 of building the sound card, with the amp chip is the little triangle line up with the dot on the board at the bottom right looking past the speaker?

This is how I did the last one but want to be sure this is not my issue


Open Panzer Help / Heng Long IR upper Hull to TCB
« on: October 05, 2018, 10:20:13 AM »

I have a IR upper hull with a recoil and I am trying to work out the best way to wire it up, at first I thought the Taigen set would be the same but I have a two stage micro switch, is the extra part a signal for the IR?
If so should I wire it up the same as a taigen and leave the extra wire from the second stage of the switch for the IR?

Also, how do I activate the motor b on the TCB? Im pretty sure I have it set up right but I don't get any power from it.


One other thing, Ive looked through the wiki but cant seem to find the info, when I connect the scout to the TCB via serial cable it runs tx-rx rx-tx and gnd to gnd which is normal but when I add the sound card it runs from TCB to sound in the same way but the sound out to scout is now tx-tx rx-rx gnd-gnd, it wthis just because its a passthrough?
All three are working as far as radio to TCB, TCB to sound and sound to scout as far as the lights are concerned, signals on and off etc when the motors turn, I will hook up the turret next but still no sound  :-[

Hi Luke

Thanks for the info, I have been using this software, I just tried using my laptop just in case it is my PC (Windows 10 64bit) and it came up with the same error message, but a bit more reading on this fault and a lot of people said just to ignore it as its a warning only and it should work fine, so I tried the firmware again and it went 5through 100% no errors, strange??  :o

So was it my PC or was it the fact I put new drivers into my laptop, who knows till I build a second scout (parts on their way).

Good News is that the scout is working 100% perfectly, just need to fine trim the radio as it is getting a little bit of drive in neutral which I used the fine trim on radio to smooth out.
I forgot that when I set up the radio I set it up with a 3 pos switch to control the gearbox, at first I thought I had a problem as it would not reverse...penny dropped in a few seconds  ;D

So all is well, just need to get sound from my sound card and I am a happy Tanker  8)

Will post a picture/video when I get the sound working

Ok, have not had much time to check the sound card but the USBasp came in so I hooked this up and I am getting an error

when I google the error it seems quite common with the USBasp's from ebay etc, how do I upload new firmware?
Also, before I upload the bootloader should I have any LED's on or flashing? I dont have anything even with a Batt connected.

When I try to upload the firmware I just get a message that relates to the clock settings.

Any ideas?

Thanks Luke, fixed the file.

I've double checked the wave files and they are ok, run it through the test again in snoop mode and it runs without error, I must have a bridge or something after the processor, maybe through the amp circuit, I will do some testing on the circuit and let you know what I find

attached a screen shot of my sound during test, only one file loaded on SD card, looks ok but no sound ???

Ok, set up the ini file etc, I'm still not getting any sound.

What is the speed difference between a hearbeat/slow flashing and a fast error flash?

Mine is about 1 sec on 1 sec off speed rate, is this normal or error? reason I ask is that it does not change when I pull the sd card out and this should cause an error

It may be a set up issue, maybe I have not started the engine yet  :o

As I said I have not got my serial cables yet so will not panic till I get these :)

Thanks guys

so I have no sound....

I have not got my serial cables yet but when hooked up with the TCB it has a slow flashing red led so this is normal waiting for a signal which I cant provide yet.
I removed this and hooked the sound up with the RC mode using y harness so I could see servos move when signal sent to sound card, when its turned on it has a solid blue led, ok so remove battery from receiver and blue led flash's quickly meaning lost signal, plug batt back in and solid blue led.

a bit of testing and troubleshooting ahead of me but any ideas would be great

Show and Tell / Re: Tamiya Gepard(Cheetah) SPAAG
« on: September 28, 2018, 09:01:19 PM »
looking good!!

Ok, still waiting to get the cables for the USBasp to programme the Scout so moved on to the sound card

Now to do a bit of firmware and file uploads for sound and I will test it, hope it runs as well as it looks :)

Show and Tell / Re: Finnish Stug III Ausf G Project
« on: September 28, 2018, 01:44:48 AM »
Small update, been busy this week...

Original hull:

Modified Hull:

I will fill all the old switch holes and this will waterproof it, not that I intend on going swimming but it will get wet.
I will also upgrade the motor /gerabox mounting lugs as two have cracked and they are way too weak.
Much more room for all the OP gear :)

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