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Open Panzer Help / Trouble some TCB
« on: April 09, 2019, 12:30:22 AM »
Defective board or is it just me? So far I’ve tried the following.
Purchased the board back in November from Hobby King. Then read all the Wiki pages on setting up.
Set up the radio Flysky FS-i6X in accordance with instructions and watched the orange leds flash when data transferred to TCB.
TCB connected to Sabertooth 2x25 via serial cable daub set on misc page of op config. Blue led flashes when throttle moved but no movement of motors of red or green leds.
Reset radio to factory settings just in case and then went through set up again still no movement.
Used the snoop function which showed all commands being actioned but no movement of motors.
Decided to try factory reset of TCB as per instructions but no flashing of leds as per instructions.
Sabertooth working correctly when connected directly to receiver. FS-IA6B.

Anyone got any other ideas I can try.

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