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Title: "Painbot" Battle Unit - combined IR apple
Post by: johnnyvd on October 05, 2018, 07:15:54 AM
I was trying to source a "Piranha Battle Unit" for some of my builds, but it seems it is impossible to get one for a decent price here in the Netherlands.
Always there was a lot of taxes or shipping costs involved, so i decided to start designing one myselves..

It is not quite finished, but i hope some of you can help me out making some design decisions.
And, like always, i will share the design with the community when it is finished!

So, i started off with the recommended Vishay TSAL6100 and some TSOP32536 that i had lying around.
Some (4) basic 3mm red leds are used. These will be soldered together to a central connector.

The Receiver is became a three part design, bolted together:


And here is the little bugger after being printed in PLA:


The unit is roughly the same size as the Henglong IR receiver..


the only thing i did not really like is the connector on the bottom.. I have a 7pin row with 2,54mm pith mounted in the bottom. Maybe it would be better to use a 7/8 pin din connector or PS/2?
Please share what you think!
Title: Re: "Painbot" Battle Unit - combined IR apple
Post by: LukeZ on October 05, 2018, 02:27:35 PM
Interesting as always. Looks like you have created the slots for 4 IR receivers, though in your photo only one is installed. I suppose a fully-equipped unit with 4 receivers and 4 notification LEDs would end up with quite a few pins coming out the bottom, >20? Could be kind of unwieldy.

You might be able to design a small PCB to slot into the case where you could solder all the components and tie the receivers and hit LEDs together, thus reducing the pin count considerably...
Title: Re: "Painbot" Battle Unit - combined IR apple
Post by: johnnyvd on October 06, 2018, 03:00:49 AM
The small PCB is quite a good idea! I could also fit a connector to it and use it as the base of the unit.

Indeed there are 4 receivers and 4 hit leds planned and i wanted to daisy-chain them together with thin wires.
Pin count should be 7 then..